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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Belated Giveaway winnings and New Years Resolutions

How terrible am I?!?  I won TWO generous giveaways and have not blogged about them :(  

WAAAAAY back in October I won an amazing prize from The Girlie Blog - in fact it was her very FIRST giveaway!   I was super excited to be lucky enough to win this fabulous prize: 

I just love the details of the box!

Look how cute - tulips are my favorite flower :)

I thought the backing of the earring was really unique.

And here they are on!  They're so cute and simple and at the same time I feel glamorous knowing I'm wearing something to luxurious!  

Thank you again to Designer Apparel and to The Girlie Blog :)

I was ALSO incredibly lucky enough to win Kelly's Tim Gunn book giveaway.   I still have NOT had a chance to read it, but I have some time off work so I hope to cuddle up with it soon!

Lastly I was tagged to do my New Year's Resolutions by the always on top of things (so opposite of me! :P ) Jessy of The Little Dust Princess.  I thought that I'd better get to this one NOW before New Year's comes and goes!

1.   Find a tailor.  Ummmm - yeah I STILL don't have one!   I also have a pile of jeans, pants and some dresses just WAITING to be worn!

2.  Take outfit pictures everyday.   I think this will help me stay on top of my blogging AND help me edit my wardrobe more efficiently.   I'm sure not all the outfits will make it to the blog but at least this way I will have outfit pictures to choose from!

3.  Cook more!!   We used to have a meal plan and as silly as it sounds it worked for us beautifully!  Since we moved closer to the city our lives have seemed to become more hectic.  I think a meal plan will help us cook more often and save us $ too!

4.  Take better care of myself.   As I mentioned in #3 because life is more hectic I haven't been seeing all my health practioners regularly.   I am lucky enough to have pretty good benefits at work too and didn't make use of them at all this year!

5.  Get more sleep.  I have to admit - I've been staying up way too late catching up on blogs and watching youtube videos as of late!   I feel like if I don't read everything I will miss out on something!  Does anyone have any advice on how to "filter"?  I would LOVE to be able to read and comment on everyone's posts as I completely understand how much time it takes but it just seems like an impossible task.  So as much as I don't want to I may have to pair it down a bit :(

I will tag a few people to talk about their top 5 resolutions (please don't feel obligated though!).

Louise of Cosmetic Bee

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