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Friday, November 12, 2010

H&M Change Room - some familiar finds

I've been seeing all these fabulous items pop up on blogs from H&M so I had to go and check it out!

I've been on the search for some work dresses because I just find in general dresses are so much easier to wear!    I think if I had more getting ready in the morning would be much easier for me.

First was this red dress - only a size 4 was available but I really had to cover myself up due to being completely indecent!

Arm holes were a little big.  Size 2 may have fit better but I think the front would have still gapped.

This grey dress was also a size 4 (there weren't many size 2's in this particular store).  The attached belt was way too big and I liked the fit over all but it was still too big in some areas.

See how the bust and the back (hard to see) kind of gapes open?  And the butt kind of sticks out like I have a tail LOL - this happens to me a lot with some fitted dresses.  Anyone know why this is?  Perhaps a bit tight on the hips?

I remember seeing this next dress on Cher.  It looked so cute on her so I had to try it on.  Pretty sure this is also a size 4.

Loved the ruffle detail but this dress just wasn't for me.  It felt a bit short and it was too thin.  And it was definitely not work appropriate!

I failed with the dresses but I moved on to some other items.

This top I loved!   I think it was XS or size 2 - so sorry I can't remember!   But it was actually a bit tight for me in the bust. 

LOVED the exposed zipper!  I didn't come home with it though...but I'm having second thoughts.

The next items will be familiar.   The skirt was seen on Cher and of course on Alterations Needed.

I'm wearing size 4 here and it fits me PERFECTLY!

I love, love, love this skirt.   As Kelly mentioned it is really nicely lined and I was surprised at how thick it was, not thin and cheap like most H&M finds.   This one I most definitely took home with me!

Next is this blouse as seen on Extra Petite.   She did a great review on this top and a couple of ways to style it.

I couldn't find this top while I was in the store but the cashier found it for me as I was paying.  I took home the size 2 and the size 4 to try on at home.  First is the size 2:

The size 2 fit well but I could feel it was a little snug in the bust and it sat at the widest part of my hips.

This is the size 4.  I felt more comfortable in this one so the size 2 went back.

Wow, sorry this post was so long!   I hadn't been to H&M for a while, so I guess I went a little crazy trying things on - but I only came home with 2 items.  The store is just so overwhelming and I can usually only make it there on the weekends when it's absolutely crazy there!

Anyone else find stuff from H&M lately that I can try and stalk for myself?  :P
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