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Friday, November 5, 2010

Sponge Bob Skinny Jeans!

LOL I'll explain the post title later.

As I mentioned I've been doing quite a bit on online shopping lately (my poor, poor credit cards eeek!)

Anyway, the other day I received notice of a 3 day sale for 50% one piece of outerwear from Old Navy and through some coupon forums such as Bargain Moose and Smart Canucks (LOL sooooo Canadian!) I found out that an online code, LOULOU15 from Canadian Magazine Lou Lou for 15% was stackable.  I hurried myself over to the website and found that the ruffle wool jackets were on sale for $29!!  I was able to use both codes and got the coat for $12.33!!!!!!    So that's the good news.  The BAD news is that a couple hours later when my friend wanted to buy a coat the price was back up to the full price of $99.50.  NOT COOL.   But I guess I scored a good deal.

Here is the coat (and you'll get the title of my blog post)

Coat:  Old Navy Ruffle-Collar Wool Blend Jacket in XS (buy here or here)
Available in Petite on the US site in limited colours

When I came down to show my husband he exclaimed "hey there sponge bob" LOL!  and I told my friend O who added the line "skinny jeans" :P

I know it's super bright, but I like it!!   Do you think I could pull it off?   I was thinking of exchanging it  for this colour.  Or maybe just returning it all together.  But I figured for $12.33 I couldn't pass up getting a fun coloured jacket :) What are your thoughts?

I ordered a few other items as well to fulfill the requirement for free shipping over $50.

Old Navy Waffle-Knit Scoop Neck Tee (find it here - can't seem to find it on the US site)

I LOVE this shirt!   It is seriously so comfortable and I think I could wear this with just about anything.  I love the fit too I don't mind that the sleeves are a bit long - it adds to the coziness I feel in it :)   And it might be a little long for some other petite but I like the length.  I got this top for $10.20 after the Lou Lou discount.

I also picked up this cute little vest:

Linen-blend Open Front Vest in XS (find it here - out of stock on the US site!)

I just love the back it's so cute!  I picked this up for $12.74 after the discount.

Lastly, I got this skirt which I'm very unsure about:

Cord mini size 0 - on the US site here sold on the Canadian site but similar here

It really is quite short so I can see why there isn't a petite length available LOL!  I'm a taller petite though, for reference about 5'1" and 3/4".

I think it's really cute, but I'm not sure how much wear I would get out of it.  Suggestions would be helpful!

Phew!!!  That was a crazy haul!  All in all, pretty happy with the sizing from Old Navy MUCH better fit than seen in my last review featuring Banana Republic items.
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