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Inspired by other bloggers I decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon in hopes of documenting my personal thoughts and journey in the challenging world of petite dressing from Toronto, Canada.

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Green with Envy

I don't have very many green items in my wardrobe. In fact I think that this outfit contains the two and the three pieces I own! I'm so envious of how so many bloggers are able to incorporate colour so easily and creatively into their outfits. I particularly like the colour green but I think it can be very tricky to wear. I don't really know if this colour suits me or not but since these pieces are in my closet they deserve some wear right?

Sweater: H&M XS
Top: H&M XS
Jeans: Gap Jean Leggings (similar here and here)
Boots: Miz Mooz Gayle size 7



Gah just realized I'm very shiny in these pictures - sorry about that - have to remember to "powder my nose (and forehead!)" before taking pictures. The curse of oily skin :(

Does anyone else find green particularly difficult to pull off? And any styling tips for these pieces?

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New items from PAG's blog sale

I think I now LIVE for blog sales LOL!  They're so great because A) I have access to items that are not available in Canada especially petite sizes;  B) I am almost guaranteed a great fit since seeing it on my fellow petite bloggers gives me a really good idea on how it will fit me; C) I can just buy something by emailing someone and tapping on my keyboard LOL!

Here are my latest items purchased from Jean aka Petite Asian Girl of Extra Petite from her blog sale:

First up - Banana Republic Navy Chain Shift Dress in 00P:

BR dress front view

I can't believe how perfectly this fits me!

BR dress side view

I love the exposed zipper :) And it's so comfortable as well.

BR dress back view

 Next up - Trina Turk Silk Cashmere Cardigan XS:

Trina Turk Carid Front View

This cardigan is so amazingly soft and cozy! 

Trina Turk Cardi Side View

And I absolutely LOVE the colour!

Trina Turk Cardi back View

Last but definitely NOT least - Loft Petite V-neck Shell:

Loft Top front view 

Jean was sooo incredibly sweet to offer this top to me through a private sale as she's sick of well aware of my complaints about not being able to get  my hands on Loft items ;)

Loft Top side View

I LOVE this top so much! I don't have anything like it and I love the way it fits.

Loft top back view

Thank again Jean - it's truly, truly appreciated :)  The blogging community and the petite blogging community in particular have been just AMAZING! I know we are essentially all strangers but I honestly feel so connected with all the ladies I've met through blogging and through twitter.  If you don't have a blog connect with me and the other ladies on twitter or on the Alterations Needed Forum.  Never have I felt such openness from an online community before - it's such a warm and fuzzy feeling! :)

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Return of the Really Wide Legged Jeans

I have this thing for really wide legged and flare pants. I don't know why and as a petite it's definitely not the first item of clothing I should be drawn to!

I have been really excited that these are coming back and showing up in stores everywhere, I've actually been drooling over these ones from the Gap:

Gap at ShopStyle

Gap at ShopStyle

Gap at ShopStyle

I actually already HAVE a pair of really (really, really!) wide legged jeans that I debuted during the Petite Fashion Challenge #1 - Do a Petite Don't!

So from a recent outfit here is the return of the Really Wide Legged Jeans:

 Jeans:  Parasuco size 25
Blouse:  mark by Avon size Small
Boots:  Me Too size 7

I'm also wearing a non petite friendly blouse (another petite don't) which my husband calls my pirate shirt (remember Seinfeld?).  This blouse is super long - it could probably work as a dress on me!

 Not entirely sure that this outfit worked out but I felt comfortable in it and I was making use of some items in my closet that I don't wear too often.

I don't know yet if I'll give in and get yet ANOTHER pair of jeans as it's really dress pants I should be shopping for, but I just love those Gap jeans so much! 

So what "don't" items do you still insist on wearing? (I hope I'm not the only one!)

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

A basic cold day outfit

(NOTE: This post will be COMPLETELY different from my last post ;) My last post was so bright and cheerful - this outfit is more a true reflection of what I've been wearing.)

So I have been keeping up with some of resolutions and taking pictures more frequently.  I never promised to blog more frequently thought :P

At this rate I will be posting all my Winter wear photos in the Spring!

Here is a really basic outfit but it was so comfortable and cozy for me to wear.

Sweater:  Esprit XS
Jeans: Beloved Gap Jean Leggings 00R (here in black wash)
Boots:  Miz Mooz Gayle
Jewellery:  Avon

So, yup, black and grey! That's typical me!  But...here's where the REALLY cozy part comes in:

Infinity Scarf - bought years ago as a regular scarf and made into an infinity scarf by my friend!

^I love how I can completely hide in the scarf ;) ^

Avon earrings from last year I believe they were $4.99!

One of my favorite current Avon pieces.  I ALWAYS get stopped so people can get a closer look ;) 
A total bargain for $9.99!

So while I managed to trick you all into thinking I'm a "colourful" girl with the previous outfit this is the real me LOL - I do hope to break out of my comfort zone more often.  Perhaps with Spring almost here that might happen :)

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Entry for Kileen's Color Brigrade

This will likely be my one and only entry into Kileen's Color Brigrade :P Haven't heard of it? Well definitely check out Kileen's blog Cute and Little!  I love doing the Petite Fashion Challenges but long term challenges I have trouble with.

It's really strange that I LOVE colour but the majority of my wardrobe is different shades of grey!

This is an outfit I wore a while ago (it's been too cold lately to wear something like this although it was quite a bit warmer today).

 Cardigan:  Gap XS
Dress:  Old Navy XS
Belt:  Winners
Tights:  Winners

  The three colours I'm using are Mustard, Brown and Floral Print.

When I first held these items up I wasn't sure if they went together or not.  I have to admit I felt so girly and flirty in this outfit! I will definitely be wearing this one again soon if the weather co-operates. 

So I hope this will qualify me for the Color Brigade! Check out all the other participants as well :)

(P.S. it was really strange for me to spell "colour" as "color" LOL)

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Taking off the Layers

I'm all about layering, layering, layering. It's definitely a necessity right now. I rushed home yesterday and jumped right into bed watching old movies with the husband ;) - it was supposed to be -19°C and -28°C with the wind chill! I drive to work and have my heated seats to keep me warm -  I don't even know how you ladies that commute in weather like this manage to stay warm AND stylish at the same time!

Here's a typical "layering" outfit and me removing the layers LOL (Don't worry, it's PG)

Jeans:  Banana Republic 0P (similar style here)
Blazer:  Mexx XS

Blazer unbuttoned....

Blazer off....

Sweater: H&M XS

Scarf off...

Sweater off!
(love the bit of sparkle - makes me feel special :P )

Top:  Mexx XS

Ring:  Avon size 5

Did you enjoy the show?  hahaha TOTALLY kidding!

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Tag: Beauty Favorites

I was tagged by Elle and Ish to list my Beauty Favorites.  This is a really hard tag for me as I use a lot of products and my favorites are always changing!!!  I did find a few new favorites last year that I tend to gravitate towards.  Most of the products are from Avon as I am of course an Avon rep and I have reviewed a few of the products on my other blog:  Toronto Beauty Reviews but I will try to briefly list them out.

1-Which lipstick/ lipgloss did you use most often in 2010?

This was HARD!!!!! Since I always change my lipstick colour depending on mood/season/outfit or rest of makeup I had trouble narrowing it down :P  I looked in my purse to see which lipstick I'm grabbing all the time and I came up with this:

Avon Ultra Color Rich in Rose Gold (picture is not exactly identical!):

I think I keep reaching for it because I feel like it brightens my face even if I'm not wearing a lot of eye makeup or if I just feel a little "blah".  It has gold flecks or shimmer in it too which makes it really pretty. It goes on really smoothly and isn't too pigmented so it still looks somewhat "neutral" and work appropriate.

2-What was your favorite eyeshadow this year?

Another hard one!   I change up my eyeshadow pretty often, but on weekdays I do tend to do the same neutral look. 

Avon 12-in-1 eyeshadow palette:

I really like this eye shadow palette because it gives me a lot of colours to play with all in one.  They pay off is really nice too.  See my review here.

3-What product for the complexion (foundation, blush, etc.,) did you use the most?

This is the product I had been using for most of the year though in the past couple of months I have been trying out liquid foundations.

Avon Smooth Minerals foundation:

I really like mineral foundation - I used to use Bare Essentials but when I started selling Avon I didn't see a huge difference in the way the Avon version looked and the price was much more affordable.

The blush I've been using for most of the year is Avon True colour blush in heavenly pink:

It looks really bright in the compact but with the right brush (not the brush in the compact) it goes on really nice and sheer and give my face that pop of colour it needs to look alive ;)

I also really like Too Faced Shadow Insurance:

I got a sample from Sephora and it was amazing!!  I will definitely be picking up the full size version of this.  I have oily skin and my eyelids will often not hold makeup on - with this stuff my makeup doesn't budge!  I have yet to try it in really humid conditions though but so far so good.

4-Your favorite nail polish color of 2010?

Honestly I couldn't pick a favorite colour because this year I've actually been experimenting with a bunch and I like a lot of different colours for different reasons.   I decided to add my favorite nail product of 2010 which is hands down Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat:

I first discovered this product from Jen at From Head To Toe and I've been hooked!  I did a post on it on my other blog and since then so many of my friends have picked it up too :)

5-Which skin care product would you not give up under any circumstances?

I would have to say my Clarisonic Brush.  I've only been using it for a month now but I love how it makes my skin feel and how my face cream goes on.  So soft and smooth!

6-What is your favorite personal care product?
I think I'm going to skip this one.  I don't have any personal care product preferences.

7-Your usually worn fragrance in 2010?

I LOVE this perfume and I ALWAYS get compliments when I wear it.  In Bloom by Reese Witherspoon for Avon:

It's a very romantic scent.  And I just love the bottle too!

8-What was your personal favorite jewelry piece?

My strand of pearls from my husband :)

9-What have you discovered in 2010 that is new for you (new products, inspirations, blogs, hobbies, etc.,)?
In 2010 I discovered the Seche Vite Top coat, the Clarisonic brush in terms of products.  I have new style inspirations thanks to all my lovely blogger friends.   I guess I've discovered a new hobby in blogging too!

10-Do you have resolutions for 2011? If so, what are they?
I blogged my resolutions here.

11-Tag other people:
You don't have to do it if you don't want to :)

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