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Friday, February 11, 2011

Taking off the Layers

I'm all about layering, layering, layering. It's definitely a necessity right now. I rushed home yesterday and jumped right into bed watching old movies with the husband ;) - it was supposed to be -19°C and -28°C with the wind chill! I drive to work and have my heated seats to keep me warm -  I don't even know how you ladies that commute in weather like this manage to stay warm AND stylish at the same time!

Here's a typical "layering" outfit and me removing the layers LOL (Don't worry, it's PG)

Jeans:  Banana Republic 0P (similar style here)
Blazer:  Mexx XS

Blazer unbuttoned....

Blazer off....

Sweater: H&M XS

Scarf off...

Sweater off!
(love the bit of sparkle - makes me feel special :P )

Top:  Mexx XS

Ring:  Avon size 5

Did you enjoy the show?  hahaha TOTALLY kidding!

A similar look

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