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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Entry for Kileen's Color Brigrade

This will likely be my one and only entry into Kileen's Color Brigrade :P Haven't heard of it? Well definitely check out Kileen's blog Cute and Little!  I love doing the Petite Fashion Challenges but long term challenges I have trouble with.

It's really strange that I LOVE colour but the majority of my wardrobe is different shades of grey!

This is an outfit I wore a while ago (it's been too cold lately to wear something like this although it was quite a bit warmer today).

 Cardigan:  Gap XS
Dress:  Old Navy XS
Belt:  Winners
Tights:  Winners

  The three colours I'm using are Mustard, Brown and Floral Print.

When I first held these items up I wasn't sure if they went together or not.  I have to admit I felt so girly and flirty in this outfit! I will definitely be wearing this one again soon if the weather co-operates. 

So I hope this will qualify me for the Color Brigade! Check out all the other participants as well :)

(P.S. it was really strange for me to spell "colour" as "color" LOL)

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