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Thursday, February 17, 2011

A basic cold day outfit

(NOTE: This post will be COMPLETELY different from my last post ;) My last post was so bright and cheerful - this outfit is more a true reflection of what I've been wearing.)

So I have been keeping up with some of resolutions and taking pictures more frequently.  I never promised to blog more frequently thought :P

At this rate I will be posting all my Winter wear photos in the Spring!

Here is a really basic outfit but it was so comfortable and cozy for me to wear.

Sweater:  Esprit XS
Jeans: Beloved Gap Jean Leggings 00R (here in black wash)
Boots:  Miz Mooz Gayle
Jewellery:  Avon

So, yup, black and grey! That's typical me!  But...here's where the REALLY cozy part comes in:

Infinity Scarf - bought years ago as a regular scarf and made into an infinity scarf by my friend!

^I love how I can completely hide in the scarf ;) ^

Avon earrings from last year I believe they were $4.99!

One of my favorite current Avon pieces.  I ALWAYS get stopped so people can get a closer look ;) 
A total bargain for $9.99!

So while I managed to trick you all into thinking I'm a "colourful" girl with the previous outfit this is the real me LOL - I do hope to break out of my comfort zone more often.  Perhaps with Spring almost here that might happen :)

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