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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Petite Fashion Challenge #1: Petite Don't - Wide Legged Jeans

This post is my first wardrobe challenge - petite challenge that is!  Jean of Extra Petite had a challenge for us petite bloggers. 

The challenge was: 

Create an outfit for weekend brunch with your girlfriends. The outfit must include one garment that is typically notorious for being a petite "don't."
I have to admit I JUMPED right away into accepting this challenge....then as the days ticked away I actually got more nervous!  I'm SURE I have MANY petite "don'ts" in my wardrobe and I'm SURE I have not succeeded at making many of these Don'ts into Dos.
The most prominent petite don't item I own are my wide legged jeans:
Jeans:   Parasuco size 25

Ok, these jeans are really wide legged.  The bottoms measure 11 inches:

I also got these hemmed quite a bit so they were even wider to begin with.

It's believed that petites shouldn't wear wide legged pants since these types of pants tend to overwhelm a small frame and make the legs appear shorter.  To counteract the wideness of the pants I thought to pair it with a fitted top.  I also made sure to wear my highest heel to make sure my legs didn't disappear or look short.
Also, these jeans make me think of a great men's wear inspired look so I decided to carry that theme through with a vest.  Here is the look I came up with:

Vest:  Mexx XS
Halter:  H&M size 4
Shoes: Aldo size 7

To ensure the men's wear look was still feminine, I made sure to wear a really girly lacy top underneath and finished the outfit with a pink bag.

Close up of the shoes:

I'm relieved this challenge is done LOL!  I think I would totally wear this out to a brunch with the girls maybe a little dressier type of brunch.

These jeans may be a petite don't but I love them all the same!

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