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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Work Wear: Deep Purple and Red

Again trying to be more adventurous with my clothes I decided to take a dress I've had for a while and simply add a different belt to it. 

Dress:  H&M size 4
Belt:  Danier

Surprising this dress fits me really well.  I actually feel curvy in it LOL!  It came with a fabric tie belt in the same colour.  Foolishly, I assumed that I had found my size at H&M and had picked up a couple of skirts and pants in size 4 assuming they would fit.  Again, only until recently as I'm paying more attention to fit did I realize they were much too big on me and not flattering at all.

Don't mind all the wrinkles; these (blurry) pictures were taken after a long day at work.

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