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Monday, August 30, 2010

More Gap Jeans - but this time they are winners!

I decided to give the Gap jeans another try (see my first review here) since I loved the feel of them.  Plus is was the Gap Give and Get days this weekend.  What luck!  Different sizes were available and they FIT!

First up, the always skinny CROPPED jeans.  For some reason they are not on the Canadian site but you can see them here.

Gap Always Skinny Cropped Jeans size 00 (vintage tint - faded wash)

The back on these fit much better than the pair I tried on last time.  I think the different washes also give different fits.

Details of the buttons at the bottom of the jeans:

I like that I can just flip them up really easily too.

Next the jean leggings - last time they didn't have size 00 in store, but this time it was my lucky day:

Gap Jean Leggings size 00 (dark vintage - faded dark wash)

The fit is MUCH better with the 00 size.

The 00's weren't available in the faded black wash so I ordered them online along with the slim crop pants which were reviewed by PAG here and by PetiteXXS here.  I'm worried they will be TOO tight on me since they are slightly big on these ladies, but I guess we'll see when they arrive.  My other purpose for ordering online was to assess how Gap's new shipping to Canada works out.  I will keep you all posted!
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