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Monday, August 2, 2010

Sometimes Saftey Come First!

It's a long weekend here and the weather has been beautiful!  Family gatherings and barbecues haven't left much time for updating the blog!

Since I've found the blogging world I'm thinking much more about what I wear and how it fits and how to make it more interesting.  But there are certain times when all these "rules" go out the door and safety comes first. 

This was my outfit yesterday:

Helmet:  HJC Youth XL
Jacket:  Icon Ladies XS
Jeans:  Esprit seen in this post
Boots (not seen):  Icon size 7

I don't drive this thing, I'm purely a passenger!!! 

Sometimes I see women on the back of motorcycles in high heels and skirts/shorts and tank tops.  I always CRINGE!!  While you always hope that nothing will happen, you can't help but wonder what IF something does!  When riding a motorcycle safety must come first!!!  It's also very windy on a motorcycle so even though it might be hot outside you still need to stay warm when the bike is moving.

Being a petite hunting for proper motorcycle wear is NOT EASY!   None of the adult helmets would fit so I had to settle for a youth helmet to fit me properly.  The choices were black or white so I went with white LOL!  The jacket was a bit easier to find, we just had to order in my size.  Pants....that was VERY DIFFICULT!  The motorcycle pants I had wanted had knee shields and was made of very thick leather something similar to this:

When I tried them on the knee shields were obviously not where they were supposed to be - in fact i think they were at my ankles!  And there was no way I could get that altered, so I make due by at the very least wearing a fairly thick pair of jeans.

Here are some pictures of the bad ass boots I wear LOL:

Well, I have one more day of my long weekend left!  I hope everyone is having a great Monday!

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