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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wardrobe Dissection: More Jeans: Esprit

I did mention before that I have A LOT of jeans.  I really really do need to get rid of some, so the sevens from this post are currently finding their way to a new home.  Here is the next pair of jeans that I need to decide to keep or donate.

Up first a pair of really casual jeans, probably the lightest blue jeans I have (sorry the pics are really dark!):

Jeans:  Esprit US size 4

Side View:

Back View:

Bit of a gap at the back:

This jeans are REALLY comfortable.  I admit I don't wear them often as some of my other jeans as they are very light so I don't wear them at work.  I got these at an Esprit warehouse sale years ago.  I don't even remember if I had to get these hemmed.  If I did get these hemmed I must have been wearing really high heels at the time as they are slightly too long but I really didn't want to invest more $ in getting such a small amount taken off.  So since they are a bit long I can only wear them will heels.  Which is probably why I don't wear them that often as I'm usually in flats on the weekends.

I'm leaning towards keeping them but I'd love to hear others thoughts about how they fit me.  Since I've had them for so long I'm sure I am biased :P
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