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Friday, July 23, 2010

Work Wear: Black and White

In general I'm a really organized person.  While I don't need every single minute of my day planned out I do like to have an idea of how my day will go in my mind. 

This includes what I will wear for work.  If things go well in my day and evenings I usually plan out what I will wear the following day.  This usually ends up only working for Mondays and Tuesdays.  The rest of the days I end up staying up later than intended (this is even MORE true now that I've discovered the blogging world!) so the next morning I hit my snooze button one (or two, or three...) too many times to get that extra few minutes of sleep.  This routine ALWAYS leaves me scrambling for work.  On those days I tend to gravitate towards my "go to" work outfits.

This combination has become one of my favorite "go to" outfits for work.

Skirt:  Mexx size 2
Blouse:  Mexx XS
Camisole:  unknown
Shoes:  Westies by Nine West size 6.5M
Necklace:  mark by Avon

The skirt is admittedly a bit lose on me as it sits more on my hips than at my natural waist but I think the height of of the skirt suits me well.  The blouse itself is completely sheer so a camisole is a must.  I have many camisoles as I usually don't fill out a lot of shirts so I always need to layer!

I really like how the skirt is pretty full too so it swings when I walk :P

Another reason this is a "go to" work outfit is that the blouse doesn't need to be ironed!  I HATE ironing so this is DEFINITELY a bonus :) 

The skirt is super comfortable too.  It's a mix of linen and viscose so it's light and airy but it doesn't get wrinkly throughout the day.

Any other ideas for great "go to" work wear?

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