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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Casual Work Wear: Capri Pants

My current place of employment has no real dress code.  For real.  Most days people are in jeans, some people wear track pants and sweaters with holes in them. Some ladies reveal a little too much in my opinion and some guys need to leave their logo t-shirts at home. Some departments have uniforms depending on the job function.  I'm mostly in the office and while I can wear really casual outfits, I like to dress up a bit but I don't want to be so done up that I'm uncomfortable.

Top:  H&M size 4
Camisole:  Smart Set XS
Capris:  Jacob size 1/2
Shoes:  BCBG girls

Overall I think the outfit is "okay".  It's comfortable, I'm not pulling or adjusting anything.  I think the shirt fits well and the capris fit nice on my waist and butt.  But I think I need to accessorize more.  I need to make this look a little more special.  I'm also not sure what the ideal length of capri pants should be (am I even spelling 'capri' properly????)

Couple more pics:

It's hard to find "work wear" tops so this top is staying in my wardrobe for sure.  I tend not to have as many button down tops because the seams at the bust never fit right and I find that buttons are spaced too far apart causes gaps if you're not careful.

So...what is the ideal capri length?
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