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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another BR dress: Summer Brights

Most of my wardrobe is fairly neutral but I do have some bright pieces that I pair with my neutrals.
I fell IN LOVE with this dress from the BR outlet and I would say it's the brightest article of clothing I own.  It just makes me feel happy when I put it on and I decided to make the look even brighter by pairing it with a contrasting coloured purse:

Wrap Dress:  Banana Republic size 00P
Purse:  Coach
Earrings:  Avon

Gah, I totally forgot to put shoes on when I took this picture.  It would've made it look nicer :P

I wore this out on the weekend for lunch with the family.  I was inspired to try one of those side swept hair do's but I'm terrible at doing hair.  It really does have a life of it's own!  I took a picture anyway so I could see for myself how it looked.  Lucky I was going for the messy kind of look LOL.  You wouldn't believe how many bobby pins I actually used to keep it in place!

I guess new hair styles is something else I need to work on!
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