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Inspired by other bloggers I decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon in hopes of documenting my personal thoughts and journey in the challenging world of petite dressing from Toronto, Canada.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Project 365: it's still going on...really!

This is more of a note for myself so if I happen to lose my mind in the near future I can go back and read this blog post.  I will stop posting Project 365 pictures on this blog as I want to keep this blog more focused (at least for the moment) on my wardrobe.  I have been taking pictures everyday as part of Project 365 but some are rather personal of people and things I love and I don't want to violate their privacy by posting pictures on a public forum.

So, I will continue to take pictures but will keep them for only myself and a certain few others to see in a private album.

This blog and Project 365 has already taught me a lot in the short time I've started both!  Mainly that I'm a really bad photographer and that even though I'm carrying my camera with me all the time I STILL forget to snap a shot during the day!  Oh well, it's only been 11 days, so I think I'll be easy on myself for now :)
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