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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Casual Evening Outfit: Boyfriend Jacket "look"

I wore this outfit the other night out to dinner with friends.  I didn't want to feel too dressed up but I wanted to feel pulled together.  I picked the top specifically because it's flowy and unrestricting hence I could eat more LOL.

Since the print was pretty busy I didn't wear a necklace but I wore pretty bold earrings. (sorry for the quality, I'm not sure why the pictures are extra blurry here...)

Blazer:  Mexx size 32
Top:  White House Black Market size 00
Jeans:  edc by Esprit size S
Sandals:  Gap size 7
Bag:  Coach
Earrings:  mark by Avon

I really like the whole boyfriend jacket look but I have never been able to find one that didn't look like I was drowning in it. They always looked so boxy on my.   I'm not sure if the boyfriend jacket look itself is very petite friendly.  The proportions always seemed off when I was trying things on.

I was able to take more fitted blazer that I had in my closet and improvise by simply rolling up the sleeves.

Here is what the blazer looks like on it's own:

It's obviously more cropped that what a boyfriend jacket should look like.  You can see from the pictures above that it hits my hips, but I think this length just suits me better.

Well that was my attempt at the Boyfriend Jacket look!  Hopefully I pulled it off - I got a thumbs up from my husband so that should count for something ;)
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