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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lazy Long Weekend Days

On top of going for a motorcycling ride we had a nice lazy lunch in the neighborhood.  It was hot, hot, hot out but there was a nice breeze.  I went for something simple and tried my hand at not trying to match too much.

Here is the results:

Top:  Unknown
Skirt:  Gap size 0
Belt:  Danier XS

I bought this skirt before I started blogging and before I paid close attention to fit.  As a result, this skirt is too big on me.  If I pull it down to my hips the shape and length just look all wrong.  Oh well, lesson learned.

Normally I would've paired this skirt with a solid colour, maybe cream or white since there is a pattern in the fabric.  But as I mentioned I tried to be a little more creative.

Here is a close up of the top and skirt:

And a couple more shots!


So...did I succeed??

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