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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Change room review: Gap Jeans

What's the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?  For me it's usually hit the snooze button a million times then finally roll out of bed and drag my sleepy-eyed self to the bathroom.  But THIS morning I for some reason decided to check my email on my phone and I saw that I was sent an offer from the Gap through Groupon to buy a $50 gift card for $25!!

So instead of my usual morning routine I fired up my computer and promptly bought my coupon.  Thank goodness I did because only a few hours later apparently the Groupon site crashed!  It was totally worth me being late to work this morning :P

I had really, really had my eye on these legging jeans after seeing them on Chloe here.

Unfortunately Gap does not offer petite sizes in Canada, but I thought I would go in and check out the jeans anyway.

Let me just say first off that that Gap denim is soooo super comfortable.  So soft and stretchy I loved them!  But unfortunately fit was another story. (Please excuse the pics - change rooms have such horrible lighting)

Legging Jeans in size 26/2:

I was pretty happy with the fit besides the length as you can kind of see here:

Not really sure how much "bunchiness" is acceptable - but when I turned around I saw this nighmare:

See the bumpiness and sagging?

Not flattering at all!

So I tried a size down 25/0:

But the same thing occurred at the back:

(it's REALLY hard to take a picture of your butt....I was twisting in all sorts of strange ways!)

The back side is saggy and I look flat.  And there is too much material between the waistband and the top of the butt area.

I decided to try on a different style - always skinny jeans in size 0

But the extra material was still there.

So on to a 00:

The butt fit a bit better, but I think they were a bit too tight at the waist and I still didn't think the butt was flattering.

Overall I was disappointed :(  I really wanted to score a pair of skinny jeans as all I have are boot cut and trouser cut.   I may go back and try some other styles on or try out the kids section. 

I assume the rise on the petites version of these jeans would fit better.  Have any of my American friends had any luck?
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