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Monday, August 9, 2010

Review: H&M Work Wear

I really dislike going into H&M as I can usually only make it on the weekends so it is just way too crowded for my liking.  The clothes are just EVERYWHERE and if I see something on the mannequin wish my luck in trying to find the item actually in the store!  And I can never seem to find a sales person.  So, there's no WAY I have the patience for the fitting room.

On this particular day we were "killing some time" so I decided to venture in for a look.  The one rack I was drawn to was a rack full for dress shirts.  Ok, so it's nothing exciting, but I don't have ANY dress shirts that fit me properly and these ones looked pretty slim cut and there were a bunch of size 2's.  I thought why not and grabbed a few to try on at home.

Here are some pictures:

Shirt:  H&M size 2
Skirt:  Jacob size 0

While I like this look with the pencil skirt overall this is way to conservative for my current place of employment - I would feel way done up and almost stuffy if I wore this to work.

The shirt fit nicely in some places but was too big in the bust area and I thought the material was bunching up too much in the arms:

Side view - again you can see it's too big in the bust area:

View from the back:

Here is the shirt untucked:

It's hard to see from far but there is a nice pin striping running though it and the detail is carried through on the cuff:

Just in case I liked the shirt I got two more but in solid colours:

Same fit overall although I do like the sleeves rolled up better - the sleeves don't bunch up as much.

Overall, for about $30 I think these were a great buy.  If you are a bustier petite this might work although as with all button down shirts there is a risk of gaping.

For me however I think I will return these; I love the look of a crisp button down shirt but I have to find one that works for me.

I did manage to find this work blazer which I will probably wear more casually with jeans.

Blazer: H&M size 2

The sleeves are a little long but I prefer the look of them rolled up anyway.

Sadly no pretty lining :(  I think that should be a rule -- all jackets and purses should ALWAYS have pretty lining!

So at least I found one item to keep!

I also tried on a pair of kids "jeggings".  I was on the hunt for black leggings and I thought I would give these funny little pants a try.  The were kind of a thick legging material, had an elastic waist band and had jean pockets! LOL!  Oh -- and a place to write your name on the tag  :D

These were just laughable:

size 14Y+

First off these were too long on me - the waist was a little big despite the elastic but you can see where they are pulling at the crotch since they don't fit my hips.

The side view isn't any more flattering:

The back view is just horrendous!!!!!!

The best part though:

Name tag! LOL!
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