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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Date Night!

Tonight we had a date night!  Now, it was no where near as eventful as this this date night but dinner at a restaurant we've never been to before is all it takes to get me excited!

We did a little bit a shopping downtown before hand and walked over to the restaurant in the evening.  I didn't wear anything TOO exciting, but it's a bit more dressed up than my usual weekend outfits!

Jeans:  Banana Republic Trouser Jeans 0P
Top:  Jacob XS
Belt:  Danier
Necklace:  mark by Avon

I just wore flip flops - since we planned on walking around a lot I didn't want to wear heels.

Flip Flops:  Avon size 7

Today was a cloudy/sunny/cloudy day and usually the air conditioning in stores is blasting so I always bring a a cardigan of some sort

Cardigan:  Amber Blue (?)  Found at Winners

And a some pictures of my cute sandals!

We went to Urban Restaurant by the way.  If anyone is visiting Toronto I highly recommend it!

(....how are my pictures by the way?  Haven't installed photoshop yet, but I used picassa....I think they are a bit better, no?)
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