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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lady Like Cardigan

I tried this sweater on MONTHS ago at H&M but I had already made a few purchases at that time so I left it behind in the stores.  Then later I saw this on Ping and it definitely stuck out in my mind.  I love how Ping styled it.  I'm not as creative as she is so I just threw it on with my favorite trouser jeans.

Cardigan:  H&M XS
Jeans:  Banana Republic size 0P (I found a similar pair here)
Necklace and Earrings:  Avon

I love the feminine details of this cardigan.  The little bows at the pocket area (no pockets!) and the buttons are really pretty too (kins of sparkly!).

For some reason I've also been fascinated with braiding my hair.   My bangs are starting to grow out so they're at that awkward length where they kind of just get in my way.  I decided to try out the braiding thing:

What do you think?  Is it too juvenile?  I got some compliments (from those that noticed) and it definitely does the job of keeping my bangs out of my face.

So, I'm noticing that all my poses are pretty much the same :P  Taking pictures is a lot of work for me and definitely does not come naturally!  I feel really silly posing a lot of the time so does anyone have any tips on posing?

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