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Monday, January 3, 2011

H&M Pencil Skirt

I didn't do too much shopping over the holidays - I think I wasn't really looking for anything in particular and I didn't feel like fighting the boxing day / week crowds.

I did manage to pick up this skirt from H&M though; I had been looking for a grey pencil skirt for a while.  I think grey just goes with more items in my wardrobe.  It's not as harsh as black and much easier to work with than brown in my opinion.

Since my work environment is really casual I thought about how I would dress it down a bit and so I paired this skirt with some really casual pieces.

Skirt:  H&M size 4
Top:  Old Navy XS
Cardigan:  Gap XS seen in this post  (yes I'm wearing it AGAIN!)

The top I'm wearing is essentially like long john material :P  It's such a comfy shirt I feel like I could sleep in it.  Here is what it looks like with the cardigan undone.

I took the belt off that came with it since I had planned on keeping the cardigan closed the whole time anyway.  Here is a close up of the pattern of the skirt.

Overall I really like this skirt.  It's fully lined and I think the quality is really good especially for H&M.  I didn't get this skirt on sale, I paid $39.95 Canadian.  But I have been searching for a grey skirt for a while now.  The fit of the skirt reminds me of another H&M skirt I have - the black lace one that many other petite bloggers have.   I have worn the lace skirt several times already and have yet to take a picture!

My one pet peeve with this skirt that I noticed throughout the day that the lining kept peaking through when I sat down and sometimes when I stood up if I didn't readjust the skirt.  I wonder if hemming just the lining a smidge would help at all.  Thoughts?

And I wore my Christmas present from my husband - my single Tahitian pearl necklace :D  <3

Has anyone else seen this skirt at H&M?  I saw it in black and an orangy red colour as well.  I think the size 2 would fit a lot smaller petites well.

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