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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Petite Fashion Challenge #5

Petite Fashion Challenge #5 was graciously hosted by Cynthia of Shorty Stories  and the challenge was to "brighten up your Winter blahs".  This challenge was timely as it's definitely grey and dreary out around here!

The challenge was as follows:

Create a sophisticated work appropriate look that has no more than one dark piece (it can be a skirt, pants, a blazer, sweater etc...) excluding shoes, accessories and hosiery.

So...I'm not sure how I did in the "sophisticated" aspect but I really don't have many bright main pieces!  Most of my wardrobe consists of neutrals and I throw in colour with some individual pieces or accessories.  My casual wardrobe on the other hand (especially in the Summer!) is a lot brighter.

Anyway, here it is!

Blazer:  Mexx
Dress:  mark by Avon
Necklace:  mark by Avon
Boots:  Me Too (Winners)
Tights:  Ellen Tracy - NOT petite friendly!!!

I honestly don't know if this worked or not.  I work in a casual environment and have worn this dress to work before with a cardigan but I do usually wear it in the Summer.

The dress is not a perfect fit on me, but the style of it isn't meant to be fitted.  It's actually quite comfortable to wear - perhaps I should make a point to wear it more often!

I also wasn't sure what type of necklace to wear with this dress but I opted for something long since the neck on this dress is so high.

And here's a peak at the back of the dress.  This is why I wouldn't be able to wear this dress to work without a sweater or blazer on top!  I think the back is a bit revealing for an office.  And please excuse my hair, I was having an unbelievably extra frizzy day when I took these photos so up into a hair tie it went!

I must say I'm loving these Petite Fashion Challenges as they are certainly pushing me to think more creatively!  Here are my previous entries:

To see all the other lovely petites that participated in Petite Fashion Challenge #5 please visit Cynthia at Shorty Stories for all the links.

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