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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Petite Fashion Challenge #2

After completing my first Petite Fashion Challenge I was excited to hear about Petite Fashion Challenge #2  hosted by Alterations Needed.

But then I kind of started panicking because September was filled with personal highs (friend's wedding!) and personal lows (2 funerals :(  )  and the rest of what makes life so hectic all in between.  I had pictured in my mind to turn a Summer Dress into an approprial Fall outfit which seemed easy in theory but turned out to be quite a challenge!

Here is the dress I picked:

Dress:  RW&Co size 00

Here's my spring/summer look:

Wedge Sandals:  Avon

This is a dress I ususally only wear on vacation because it's quite low cut.  Sometimes I would wear this over my bikini if we were walking around town.

So here is how I changed it to wear for Fall/Winter:

Short Sleeved Turtle Neck:  Joe Fresh
Cardigan:  Loft XSP
Boots:  Nine West
Tights and Belt:  Winners
Necklace:  Avon

I didn't want to just throw a cardigan over it and say "yay this is Fall" I wanted to really show the layering.  I put the turtle neck underneath for a bit more modesty and to make this work friendly but buttoned the 3rd button of the cardigan up so the neckline of the dress wouldn't really show.  I also liked putting on textured tights with this.  I thought it was interesting with the pattern of the dress.

So...how'd I do on my 2nd challenge?  I think this one was even more challenging than the first LOL!  But I'm so glad I did it, I would've never thought to wear this dress to work since it was so summery and revealing but now I can, YAY!
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