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Sunday, September 19, 2010

OOTD: Leopard print

I keep hearing about how animal prints are huge for this Fall - for many this is exciting - not so much for me!  I don't know why but I've never been attracted to animal prints.  I think they look AMAZING on other people and am so envious of how they manage to make it work.  Maybe it just doesn't suit my personality?  I do have a pair of Leopard-ish print shoes (another post) but that's all I owned.  Until I came across this blazer that is.

Jeans:  Gap Legging Jeans size 00 (yes, I'm wearing these a lot!)
Tank Top:  Old Navy (find it online here)
Blazer:  H&M size 2
Necklace: Avon

I was first drawn to this blazer because of the all the feminine details.  The puffed shoulders and the pleating at the bottom, then I saw the lining! 

Not what I'm normally drawn to but I thought this was the right way for me to incorporate some animal print until I get braver ;)

Here's the sleeves rolled down - a little long.

Back view:

Close up of pleats in the front:

I LOVE the colour of the tank top and the pretty ruffles!

And here's a close up of my necklace (husband calls them my string of grapes LOL):

Anyone else afraid of animal prints like me?

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