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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blogger Sale items received from PAG! Banana Republic Silk skirt and dress

I wanted to do a quick post of the items I received from PAG at ExtraPetite from her blog sale items.  I don't have access to BR petites so I jumped at the chance to get a couple of pieces especially ones that I admired on PAG.  These were just quick pictures I took to see how the fit was, I will post outfit posts in the near future.

First up BR silk skirt:

Silk Skirt:  Banana Republic size 00P

As PAG described it does run a bit big, but it's fine for me! 
I can turn the skirt around myself but it won't move on it's own :)

Pockets too!

See how this skirt looked on PAG here

Next up is the BR silk dress:

Silk Dress:  Banana Republic 00P

Fits really nicely everywhere but in the chest area - but I'm used to that LOL!

See how big the dress is on PAG here

Sorry for the wrinkles, I took them out of the package and threw them on to see if they fit!  I love getting stuff in the mail, it's so exciting!  Thanks again PAG - I love my new BR items!

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