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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gap Review part 1

Last weekend Gap had a one day 40% off all regular priced items and I was able to find a bunch of stuff and use my Groupon Coupon.  I didn't have time to try anything on in the store so I tried everything at home and took pictures while I was at it.  Unfortunately as I was taking pictures my camera battery died and I couldn't locate the charger so I will have to break this review up in 2 parts.

Here's part 1.

First, I bought the Really Skinny pants as reviewed by Cher.

I bought them in both 0 and 00 regular (no petite sizing in Canada!) but I'm wearing the 0 here. 

These felt too tight on me.   I guess the Gap legging jeans that I have in 00 have a lot more stretch to them than these.  I didn't bother trying the 00's on.

Verdict:  return - I'm just not comfortable in them (so sad b/c they look FABULOUS on Cher)

Next up were the Perfect Boot Cords in 00:

(obviously I have to hem them LOL!)

I liked the fit on these - they seemed to fit PERFECTLY though so I don't know if I should size up for more comfort.   I haven't bought a pair of cords in a really long time.  I really like the casual Fall look of them.   Do cords generally stretch as you wear them throughout the day?

Verdict:  might try on a size up

Next I tried on The Ruffle Bib dress in 0 (smallest size!) which looks COMPLETELY different on me than in the stock photo:

LOL the belt on the dress is at my actual waist - on the model it's low on her hips!

If you follow me on twitter I asked if the arm holes were to big and the unanimous answer was YES!

I'm so sad though because other than the arm holes this dress fit pretty well!  AND it has POCKETS!

Verdict:  unsure...can I make it work?  Can you guys vote on it? LOL

I had another find from that day and I also placed a few online orders with Banana Republic and Old Navy so those reviews to come another day.
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