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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Petite Fashion Challenge #6

Petite Fashion Challenge #6 is being hosted by the one and only Jess from Stylepint.

The Challenge:“Dress Up Your Basics”
Jeans and a tee is a classic outfit starter. Depending on what you layer over this basic pairing, you can change style and feel of the entire look. This is your chance to show your personality and your creativity.
For this challenge, start off with a jeans and tee basic look (it can be any style or color) and dress it up to show off your personal style with accessories, jewelry, and whatever you’d like to add.

I was actually pretty excited about this one, my basic "uniform" is jeans and some kind of top so I did have a bunch of ideas going in my head, but I wanted to kind of just keep in simple and stick with one "look".

Here is my basic white T and jeans look:

T-shirt:  H&M XS
Jeans: Gap Jean Leggings 00R - OF COURSE! ;) (here)
Boots:  Me Too size 7

(As an aside my hair isn't chopped off, it was behaving badly so it went up in a ponytail - not the best look for me unfortunately!)

There are so many ways to dress of a simple outfit like this - scarves, jewellery, sweaters, jackets etc.  It's the perfect base to start any outfit on!

I decided to go with jewellery and a blazer.  BUT I thought I would go a little "extra" and throw on some "night time" jewellery and a pretty clutch:

Jewellery:  Avon (2 necklaces layered)
Clutch:  Banana Republic gift from ML of Twenty York Street

To dress it up even further, a blazer always does the trick!

Blazer:  Mexx XS


I wish I had found a pair of earrings to go with this outfit, but I felt the ones I had were either too small or too dangly and were competing with the necklace. 

I think this outfit is good enough for a night out on the town (if I ever had a night out on the town Ha!).
What do you think?

Thank you Jess for hosting this challenge!  If you would would to sign up to host a future challenge or would just like to know more about the challenges be sure to visit the Alterations Needed Forum.

Please be sure to check out all the other ladies participating at Stylepint's site.

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