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Inspired by other bloggers I decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon in hopes of documenting my personal thoughts and journey in the challenging world of petite dressing from Toronto, Canada.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Wear and Need Advice

The days here are finally getting sunnier and taking pictures is starting to get a little easier again :)  I think I am still bracing for another possible snow storm since we got hit pretty badly with one last week :(  But, I'll try to think of more positive things.  For one, this outfit made me happy!  It was worn on a warmer weekend and I was thrilled to be able to leave the Winter coat at home if even just for a day:

Leather Jacket:  Danier (Canadian Store) size 2XS
Jean: Gap Jean Leggings 00R
Boots:  Me Too size 7

LOL you guys must think that I wear these jeans all.the.time.  In fact - ummm I do wear them often! But these pictures were actually taken on the same day as I took my Petite Fashion Challenge #6 pictures so please don't think I wear these jeans every chance I get (even though I do).

Scarf: dara dot designs
Top:  Mexx XS

I do however wear this scarf every chance I get because it's so soft and cozy and I love the bright colour.  I can also get away with wearing a really bright lipstick too!


So...here is where I need your advice.  I'm becoming a bit overwhelmed with maintaining both of my blogs (in case you didn't know my other blog is:  Toronto Beauty Reviews ).  The original reason why I started Curls and Pearls was to share my style/clothing journey or whatever you want to call it with other bloggers and to get feedback and advice.  I have always maintained that I am NOT a fashionista by any means.  I just know what I like and hope that it fits me properly LOL!

Anyway, my other blog is a bit more my comfort zone (even though I don't put that many posts up!).  It's also a journey for me, I absolutely love the world of makeup and cosmetics and am by no means an expert compared to so many of the ladies out there.  But, among my group of friends and family I'm the one with the answers.  And if I don't know the answers then I'll know where to find them.  Someone suggested to me that since both my blogs are still fairly new I should consolidate them. 

This is where I need YOUR advice!

I purposely left the separate to begin with since as most of you know I have a side Avon Business.  My beauty blog was meant to share my knowledge, thoughts and opinions with people in my real life many of whom are my customers and co-workers.  Of course other people whom I haven't met will be reading as well.  But I never shared my Curls and Pearls blog with anyone except a select few close friends of mine.  I felt kind of...silly...I guess is the word.  I don't mind asking my virtual friends and bloggers for advice but for some reason I didn't want my real life people to be involved.   Now I'm having second thoughts due to the time constraints and I'm getting a bit tired of trying to maintain essentially two identities ;)

Do you share your blog with people in your real life?  Is it strange?  Also, would it even make sense for me to merge the two as they are so different from each other? Also, there is the matter of all my followers on my blog and on my twitter account (I have two of those too!).  If I did merge the two, what would I call it?  I don't know that Toronto Beauty Reviews makes sense for a merged blog but I really love the name!  

I would LOVE to hear your honest thoughts and opinions.  Your advice means the WORLD to me!

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