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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Review: American Eagle Outfitters online ordering

So I bit the bullet and decided to do some online shopping!  Before placing my order however I made sure to find a coupon code and check for free shipping! Of course everyone wants to get their items for the lowest price possible but since I'm in Canada I have to take extra care to read all the fine print!

Like most online retailers,  in order to return items the customer has to pay for the shipping.  On top of that, if I were to return an item I would not get back the taxes and duties paid.

****Warning - this is my longest post yet!  And there are a lot of pictures!***

I actually had these items saved in my shopping cart for a while and I was just waiting for the right time to order:

1.  AE Asymmetric Ruffle Tube Dress

2. AE Tie Front Dress

3. AE Boyfriend Cardigan

The reviews on all these items were really great, especially for the BF cardigan.

Here are pictures out of the package:

Really wrinkly!

I was a bit disappointed with the colour of the tie front dress.  The colour is called "Sienna Rose Heather" and I thought it would be like a dusty rose.  To me the dress looks more brown than pink. 

Here is how the items looked on me:

AE Asymmetric Ruffle Tube Dress - XXS

er...frizzy hair anyone?

Close up

I really like the fit of this dress, its snug around the bust area and I don't feel like it's going to slip at all. In fact, I was worried that it would be too tight on me when I was putting it on.

Next up:

AE Tie Front Dress - XXS

I do love the strap detailing!

I like the dress itself, I think it's very cute and it fits well and it's really comfortable! 
I'm still not sure about the colour of this dress - does it wash me out?  My husband said it was "just ok".  He wasn't a huge fan :(

Next is the cardigan, which I was really excited about since I'm such a cardigan girl.  The reviews on this one were really positive too.  I got it in XS as there was no XXS but the size and fit information seemed to be ok.

AE Boyfriend Cardigan - XS (Navy Tower)


A lot of room under the arms and in the bust area

Shoulders seem to fit

NOT showing my boobs, wanting to show the gap in the bust area

So, what's the verdict? I guess I'm neither disappointed nor happy about my first online purchase. I think I prepared myself in case I wouldn't LOVE everything, but I secretly hoped that I would. I'll keep the tube dress, not sure about the tie front dress and definitely NOT the BF cardigan.

And the lessons continue....

(as a side note...my husband said my picture look so awful because it's my fault not the camera's :p  apparently it's the cropping and re-downloading that I'm doing.  I'm using photobucket to rotate and crop the photos, are there any better sites I should be using?)

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